How Students Avail NCERT Solutions Through Educational Application?

NCERT textbook and NCERT Solutions are considered as one of the best study guides to all the CBSE board students. Not only CBSE board, other academic boards such as Maharashtra board, Madhya Pradesh board also refer the NCERT textbooks as a part of their curriculum. Students from Class 1 to Class 12 of CBSE board can refer to the NCERT books and solutions for better understanding and excellent result, and start off their careers on the right foot.

NCERT textbooks play a crucial role in every student’s life as this helps to build a strong foundation for any subject. NCERT books are available for all subjects such as Physics, Maths, Chemistry, History, Geography, General Knowledge, etc and so are the solutions too. NCERT Solutions are none other than the answers to the questions which are asked in the exercises in between or at the end of the chapter from NCERT textbook. Hence these solutions are really helpful when it comes to solving/ answering questions/ problems from a specific chapter. 

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How Can I Download NCERT Solutions?

Now the question arises is how to access the NCERT Solutions online and that too for absolutely free of cost. That’s when Vedantu comes. Vedantu is one of the leading ed-tech platforms in India which provides NCERT Solutions for all the subjects for Class 1 to Class 10 students. All you need to do is download the Vedantu app from Google play store and register yourself by enrolling your email ID and phone number. That’s all! Now you will be able to download our premium quality study materials of your choice.

Advantages Of Using Vedantu App:

There are innumerable advantages of the Vedantu learning app. This ed-tech app is one of a kind among all the e-learning apps available in the market as this offers uniqure LIVE interactive experience to students using a real-time learning platform named WAVE, a technology built in-house. Now let’s take a look into the advantages of the Vedantu app.

1. Access from anywhere

With the help of Vedantu app, students of any class can access the study materials and the mock tests from anywhere as per their convenience and requirement. All you need to do is download the app on the phone or any smart device to access everything.

2. Attend mock test

Mock tests are really mandatory while coming to exam preparation. Students must use the Vedantu learning app in order to assess their knowledge before the exam. There’s a free all India mock test available on Vedantu app which helps the students to get an estimated All India Rank. This all India mock test module is designed for various entrance and competitive exams in India such as IIT JEE, JEE Main, NEET, KVPY, NTSE.

3. Live video lectures

Students can learn any concept from the best teachers in the industry with relevant experience through live videos/ sessions. Every student is special to Vedantu. Hence students of any board (such as CBSE, ICSE, State board) get personalized learning experience through the app. The app also offers recorded classes, conceptual videos for a unique learning experience to help CBSE, ICSE, and state board students prepare for exams.

4. Learn from the best faculties

Another best thing students can avail through Vedantu app is the guidance of our in-house teachers who are best in the respective field and hold years of teaching experience. Hence the foundation of the subject will be strong.

5. Flexible schedule

Another benefit students can obtain by using the Vedantu app is flexibility in timing. You can attend classes, take mock tests, or download the study materials as per your convenient time. 

6. Download study materials

Vedantu app offers readymade Chapter-wise ncert solutions for class 10 maths and Science, Detailed Syllabus, Previous-Year Papers, Sample Papers, Revision Notes, Formula sheets and more for all the classes along with the IIT JEE crash course, NEET crash course as well as topic wise Micro courses.

Why Are NCERT Solutions Best?

As mentioned earlier, NCERT Solutions and books are the best study guide for any student of CBSE board. These books are designed in such a way that students can easily develop a comprehensive knowledge on a particular topic or subject by just referring to the NCERT book. NCERT Solutions contains the readymade answers of the questions asked in the exercises of the book. Once a chapter is completed, a student is always suggested to solve the problems/ questions from the NCERT textbook. While solving or answering the problems/ questions, it is important to check whether the answer is right or wrong. Not only that, but also it is always better to get help from a guide which is designed by the subject matter experts from the relevant field. That is why NCERT Solutions of any class and any subject are always considered as the best guidance for the students.