The Most Tech-Savvy Ways To Market Your Business

When it comes to marketing your company, tech should be at the forefront. Of course, printed ads and posters may have some local influence, but in a generation that is glued to its phones, it makes no sense to avoid tech or limit it in your marketing strategy. There are some must-haves, and some much less obvious tech-savvy techniques to apply to your plan. Implementing a layered and well-researched marketing strategy will help to give you the upper-hand when it comes to self-promotion.


Be available on Google Maps

There is nothing more frustrating than searching for a company on Google Maps, only to discover it isn’t listed. This could push customers to find another nearby alternative, particularly if they are in a city or town they’re not familiar with. Google mapping strategies are not something to be underestimated when it comes to promoting your business in a local town or city. 

Social media polls

First and foremost, it is crucial to be available on social media. The next most-important approach to take is to reach out to your followers and customers. Not only do online polls show that you take an active interest in your customers, but they are also an effective way of conducting market research. Which social media you choose will depend on your particular niche and industry. A fashion retailer, for example, will find Instagram to be a worthy platform to promote their new items as it’s very image-heavy. 

Video content

A blog is great for attracting avid readers, but the success of YouTube and Instagram TV is proof that social media users respond incredibly well to video. It is also a more personal way of expressing what you do as a company, and will allow mobile workers to follow you while they’re on the go. Any videos you create can be shared across multiple platforms as a way to exhibit what you do, all at the click of a button

A smartphone-ready website

The evidence here is clear: you cannot afford to have a website that is not mobile-friendly. Not only are most people accessing websites on their smartphones, but Google is far more punitive towards sites that aren’t compatible with cell phones. The shift away from desktop computers means that most people will be scrolling through your web pages on their portable devices. 

If you want to know how best to market your company, then keep on top of what is trending. Follow important marketers and marketing agencies, and hunt for the most relevant hashtags. Staying informed on the latest techniques and watching what the experts are doing will help you to keep an enlightened approach to remaining tech-savvy. Marketing agencies are most likely to be trying out the latest tech-based approaches to marketing, and so your best bet is to follow their lead. 

Staying tech-savvy when it comes to your marketing strategy is ideal for appealing to customers who want a modern and progressive approach. It also ensures that you will stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your marketing strategy. Using dated methods is a surefire way to fall behind when it comes to promoting your company.