Why Honda Activa 6G Is The Best Scooty In 2022

Honda came out with an upgrade to their most sold scooter, the Activa. The Honda Activa 6G was launched in January 2020 and quickly became immensely popular in the market. Despite tough competition from other vehicles in the segment, it rapidly overtook competition and became one of the best-selling two-wheelers in India. 

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You have to buy third-party vehicle insurance to ride your two-wheeler in India. However, a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy can be a lot more beneficial in terms of well-rounded coverage. The comprehensive insurance policy provides complete protection to your vehicle in case of damage due to an accident or theft besides covering third-party damages. So why should you get it for your Activa 6G? Read on to find out.

Reasons why Honda Activa 6G is the best scooty in 2022

  1. Superb engine

The Honda Activa 6G has a powerful yet refined 110 cc engine at its heart. The linear power delivery makes it perfect for the congested urban commute. The addition of fuel injection makes the throttle response and the overall engine smooth as butter. Even if you push it to its highest range, you will feel little to no vibrations. In addition, it is more fuel-efficient than the earlier generations.

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  1. Extremely reliable

The Honda Activa series is famous for its reliability and low maintenance. This trend continues with the 6G since it  has just a few modifications to its predecessor. Moreover, the engine, body, and parts have high longevity and can go on for miles before requiring a replacement.

  1. Excellent ride quality

Honda has finally heard its fans, and the 6G features front telescopic suspension as a standard fit. Although slightly stiff, the front telescopic suspension makes the scooty far more comfortable to ride than its earlier generations. It also features an external fuel cap – a much-needed feature in the Activa. You can open it with a switch mounted on the apron, eliminating the need to dismount for refueling.

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  1. Ultimate after-sales support

Honda has always been well-known for its after-sales service. Firstly, the spare parts are inexpensive and readily available. Secondly, the friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable service centre staffs make all service experiences completely hassle-free.

  1. High resale value

The Honda Active 6G is one of the highest-selling two-wheelers in the segment. Additionally, the brand enjoys an immense reputation for being reliable and comfortable. So naturally, if your vehicle has all the relevant documents, including the registration certificate and insurance documents, it will fetch a high value in all resale markets.

Get your Honda Activa 6G insured

Buying third-party insurance is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act for any vehicle to ply on the road. However, buying a comprehensive two-wheeler policy is a far better decision when buying your Honda Activa insurance. In addition to third-party liability coverage, the comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy covers

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  • Damages and losses caused due to accidents.
  • Losses caused due to theft of your two-wheeler.
  • Damage or loss to your vehicle caused due to fire.
  • Losses due to natural disasters like floods, cyclones, etc.
  • Expenses caused due to personal injury in case of an accident.

In addition to the above, buying a comprehensive insurance policy for your Activa 6G also comes with several add-ons like breakdown assistance, consumables cover, zero depreciation cover, engine-gearbox protection cover, and return-to-invoice cover. Additional features insurance providers offer include cashless repair services, paperless claims, and 24/7 support. These provide you peace of mind and financial protection in case of loss or damage to your Honda Activa 6G.

Whether you are a city rider or plan to go for slightly longer trips, the market-leading Honda Activa 6G is packed with features that will allow you to enjoy a comfortable ride and fast commute for all your needs.