Work Addiction Affects Your Romantic Relationships: Tips to Overcome Workaholism

It’s quite easy to overlook the moment when a healthy excitement caused by the fulfilled tasks changes into the feeling of guilt for idling, which is indeed a deserved rest. That euphoria wears off and anxiety sets in. This situation is familiar to many young people who get involuntarily addicted to their work. Their life outside the office or away from the laptop seems to be secondary. Even on a date with a loved one, the workaholics think about their job and want to get back home to their computers as soon as possible to complete some current professional tasks.

If you’re thinking about your work all the time and feel guilty for not doing something even in your free time, it’s a sign of work addiction. Here are some tips to help you control your addiction.


1. Admit your problem

Work ousts other spheres of life without your noticing it. You need to face the fact that your relationship with your career is unhealthy. You always can find an excuse for overtime work: “my boss asked me”, “I want to put more effort into this project”, “I just couldn’t refuse”. As a result, you’re overloaded and focused only on your work, ignoring your personal life and hobbies. You need to realize that it shouldn’t be this way.

2. Get a hobby

Who is prone to work addiction? Those people who don’t have any other interests outside their career, who come home after work just to eat and sleep. They may think that work saves them from boredom and brings profit at the same time. However, being constantly absorbed in one process, it’s easy to get exhausted emotionally. Emotional burnout has very unfavorable consequences. Even if you have a busy schedule, make time, for example, for two yoga classes a week. It will motivate you to finish your work, switch off your computer and set off for a yoga class. This way, you’ll somehow reach that work-life balance.

3. Don’t cancel your social events because of work.

Have many times have you called your friends or significant other to cancel a meeting or date? If it’s a tough week and the pressure is high, it seems to you that there should be no life apart from your work. It makes you a working hermit, your career steals you from your friends and loved ones. The thing is, to be more productive, you need to switch from work to rest throughout the week. It’s always better to be 30 minutes late for a meeting with your friend rather than postpone it to next week.

4. Find something that will help you fight anxiety.

The main problem of workaholics is not they can’t take a day off, but the fact that they feel the pangs of conscience at leisure. If a person isn’t able to relax and totally abstract one’s mind from work, even the longest vacation will not benefit them. Try to find some activity that will make you forget about your work for some time and relax. It can be anything: reading a book, watching a film, meeting with friends.

5. Pacify your perfectionism.

Workaholics are terrible perfectionists. It takes a lot of energy and efforts to do good work. Very often, it is not necessary and eventually not rewarded. Try to limit your perfectionism. Don’t wait for the moment when you’ll be totally satisfied with what you’ve done. Nothing is perfect in this world.

6. Start your day with something pleasant.

A good start is a guarantee of a productive day. Don’t rush to check your email the moment you open your eyes. In two hours you’ll be at your workplace and have an opportunity to do everything. Spend your morning in a useful way. While preparing breakfast or ironing your shirt, watch (or rather listen to) some interesting video on YouTube or listen to the radio.

7. Get professional help.

Your obsession with work may have deeper roots. A professional psychologist can help you figure out the factors that led to workaholism and show the way out.