This Man Has Quit His Job To Play Pokémon Full Time

Pokemon Go is no ordinary game. In less than 2 weeks of its launch, it’s the highest rated and installed game ever, its daily users have surpassed those of Twitter and it’s the buzzword du jour. And for those who the job was coming in the way of ‘catching em all’, here’s a man to inspire you. New Zealander Tom Currie has quit his job to become a full-time Pokémon hunter. His job designation on Facebook has been duly changed to “Pokeman trainer”.

They Quit Big Cities To Work In Small Towns & Villages In India

When the cities are choking under the pressure of rapid urbanization and overpopulation causing rising temperatures, pollution and a reduced quality of life, more people choosing to move out of big cities and into small, sparsely populated towns can only be a good thing.
After a successful series on people who quit their jobs to follow their passions, we bring you people who quit cities in favour of small towns and villages, to inspire you.

Top 15 Reasons These Indians Said They Hate Their Jobs For

Jobs and people have a love and hate relationship. You need them to earn your bread and live a respectable life, but at the same time, they can be your biggest enemies. Stress, lack of time for pursuing your passion, draconian office rules etc. can often make people hate their jobs. While the reason to hate a job is highly subjective, there are some common triggers or patterns that establish some of the most common ones. On a thread on social opinion website Reddit, people were asked why they hated their jobs, and these were the top reasons.