Meet Arjun Kamath, The Photographer Behind The Stunning “Coming Out” Photo Story

Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the last couple of days, you’ve seen these images that have taken the internet by storm. Provocative and emphatic, they’ve stirred up discussions, drawn adulation, and even brought people to tears. Arjun Kamath is the man behind the project. In an exclusive interview to OfficeChai, he talks about the photo shoot, internet fame, and his love of photography.

In Conversation with Ramya Sriram, A Cartoonist With An Engineering Background

Ramya Sriram is an artist who creates comics, caricatures and many fun things. She has worked with many corporations; she has even designed some of the coolest wedding cards for couples and she has left no stone unturned when it comes to creativity. In our Uncorporate Jobs series where we feature people who have chosen an unconventional career, Mohita Adhvaryu got talking to the artist where she reveals some fascinating aspects about her life.

8 Secrets Shared By An IPL Cheerleader

Cheerleaders have now become an accepted, integral part of the IPL. Despite the initial reservations that they wouldn’t fit into the Indian cultural scene, they are now on thousands of TV screens, vociferously applauding every four and six in India’s own festival. Despite them getting tons of airtime, there’s very little known about the girls behind the skimpy costumes and the heavy makeup. So when an American IPL cheerleader decided to do an AMA on Reddit, the community was rapt. And got to know some very interesting details about what it’s like to be a cheerleader in the IPL.