11 Most Meaningful Things To Do With Your First Salary

Your first paycheque is always special. After years of spending your parents’ money, there comes that one day in your adult life you see the magic words “Your Salary Has Been Credited” for the first time in your mobile phone. Irrespective of the amount or the company, that moment is always special. We asked a few people, and compiled a list of the best things you can do with your first paycheque.

These Famous Indians Had Completely Different Careers

Today these people have the fame, the power and the money and what looks like dream jobs to many. But not all of them were born into a privileged background or had were assigned their careers at birth. While some stars are born, others shine through with their hard work, determination and a belief in themselves.
We bring you some of the most famous faces of India, and a revelation into jobs they’ve held before making it big in their current careers. These stars will reaffirm that it is neither your background nor age that defines your destiny.

How To Be Productive During Your Daily Commute

A long commute to work doesn’t always have to mean staring out on the road aimelessly, or cracking your knucles in mock frustration. Commutes if planned and done right, could make a world of difference to your daily schedule and actually come in quite handy for productivity. Here’s an Infographic that illustrates how best to use your daily commute to work!