11 Lessons Startup Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Baba Ramdev’s Success Story

While sometimes this Baba may shock some of the more rationals in the country with a few shocking statements, (Ayurveda can “cure” AIDS, crossdressing appearances and whacky antics, what one can’t take away from the maverick is his success, his hard work, and his business savvy. He’s an unlikely entrepreneur that without the fanfare of a Bansal or a Birla is quietely, (and sometimes not so quietly) touching lives in ways that a Flipkart or a Unilever may not.

Startups Are Disrupting These 7 Traditional Businesses In India

Here is a roundup of some of the traditional businesses that are feeling the pinch of the mushrooming startups that threaten to affect them and eventually even displace them. What remains to be seen is whether the traditional businesses will adapt to this change, reinvent themselves and join in the wave on a “If you can’t beat them, join them” philosophy, or wait it out, let the wave pass, for the VC funded startups to bust as the red bottomlines begin to show, and emerge as the classics.

QuackQuack: A Startup For A Clean & Matured Online Dating Platform

If on one hand food tech is booming, on the other, finding a date online has never been easier. Gone are the days when looking up a date meant lounging around on seedy chat rooms or using American dating sites with a handful of legit users from India. Finding genuine people with real identities was another concern.
QuackQuack is one such offering that aims to make online dating normal, sane and effective for Indians.