21 Most Beautiful Walls Seen In Offices Around India

Indian offices are pulling out all stops to turn a boring office into a creative, fun looking office. And while contemporary furniture and state of the art accessories are one way, more often than not, the walls are cruelly left out. Not at these offices though. Along with other ways to do up the office, they have turned walls into focal points with beautiful wall murals, paintings and other art. In fact, in a way, how interesting the walls are at an office can define how fun that office really is. After all, the writing’s on the wall.
Here’s a look at 21 examples of stunning wall art at offices in India.

This Pretty Place In Mumbai Is A Coworking Space For Young Entrepreneurs

Coworking is an upcoming concept in India and is catching up pretty quickly. As a bootstrapped startup or freelancer, it’s very hard to find an affordable place to work and grow your business. Especially in a city like Mumbai where commercial real estate prices can be sky high, coworking spaces make a lot of sense. This is where Mumbai Coworking Spaces comes in. It offers an affordable working space to startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc.

We Tried Out The New Bangalore Cafe Where You Pay Only For The Time

In the fast, hurried metropolis of Bangalore, time can be the most precious resource one has. This cafe has literally set the store by it. At the Dialogues cafe in Koramangla, Bangalore, you don’t pay for the food you eat – you just pay for the time you spend there.
On a busy workday, against the cloudy skies, we decided to give it a try and instead of ordering the lunch in, walked up to the cafe.

The Parkar Consulting Group Office In Pune Is A Progressive And Fun Workplace

Parkar Consulting group has created a workplace of, by and for the employees. More specifically, HR and work policies at Parkar are formulated by their own staff based on collective recommendations. In a deviation from the monotone colours of most Technology Consulting workspaces, Parkar’s vibrant office space radiates the work ethos, values and preferences of a young workforce.

LinkedIn Has A Beautifully Detailed, State Of The Art New Office In Bangalore

When a company that helps you connect with professionals, and get jobs in companies you see yourself working at, turns into a desirable place to work at, itself, it’s deadly combination. And professional networking site Linkedin with its new office is doing just that. After we took you on a tour of the fun Mumbai office of Facebook, here’s another Fortune50 company showing us how it’s done.

Facebook Has Just Moved Into A Fabulous New Office In Mumbai

The world’s biggest social network Facebook has just stepped into an all new office in Mumbai, and it’s worth more than a ‘like.’
The office is located at the Bandra Kurla Complex, neighbour to rival Google, spanning over a space of 22,000 sq. ft. This new office is all things Facebook, kitsch, India, and very little like the industrial look headquarters of Menlo Park or the understated office in Hyderabad. After all, Facebook Mumbai is where most of the Indian sales team will operate out of. Here’s a glimpse.