Facebook Has Just Moved Into A Fabulous New Office In Mumbai

The world’s biggest social network Facebook has just stepped into an all new office in Mumbai, and it’s worth more than a ‘like.’
The office is located at the Bandra Kurla Complex, neighbour to rival Google, spanning over a space of 22,000 sq. ft. This new office is all things Facebook, kitsch, India, and very little like the industrial look headquarters of Menlo Park or the understated office in Hyderabad. After all, Facebook Mumbai is where most of the Indian sales team will operate out of. Here’s a glimpse.

Meet 17 Indian Startups That Allow Pets In The Office

One of the toughest parts of being away at work for 12 hours a day is being away from your pet. Most people shy away from keeping pets, or are forced to give up their pets to shelters because of work commitments. While most companies abroad allow pets, in India it still remains a much desired perk. However, many startups across the metros are taking matters of the fur into their hands, and welcoming pets into their offices. (Or cafes and studios for that matter.) Here’s some of the startups in India that are pet friendly, along with the pets that grace their offices.

The Nearbuy Office In Gurgaon Could Rival The Biggies In The ‘Hood

There was a time the founder of the deals and coupons site Groupon would go to great lengths to tell prospective candidates how they didn’t have a swanky office or crazy perks but thrived on challenges and hard work. That seems to be a thing of the past. Groupon has since become Nearbuy, and along with the name and city change, has come a swanky office in Gurgaon, which could rival any of the biggies in the hood. Here’s a peek at this office that the founders like to describe as “Where playstations meet workstations.”

Coverfox’s Office In Mumbai Is All Things Green, Clean And Fun

Coverfox is an online insurance aggregator based of Mumbai. The young and energetic startup has just moved into a new office at Andheri, Mumbai and we got a chance to look at it.
This massive vibrant space of 20,000 square feet space strikes one as a sprawling office with a green ‘cover’ as trees and vines – both real and faux – adorn the walls, the cubicles and other spaces, giving it a natural, eco-friendly appeal.

Treebo Hotels’ New Office In Bangalore Is A Great Stay Option For Its Employees

If you can count the number of people who wait for their office hours to get over and rush back home, there are also some who love to spend most of their time in office. All credit goes to startups who make sure that their employees feel at home by combining both fun and work at one place. And Treebo Hotels spanking new office located in HSR Layout, the Start-up hub of Bengaluru offers just that.
We did a quick tour and here’s some images from the lovely office.

Razorpay’s Office In Bangalore Makes Payments Look Cool

Think finance and payments and images of boring spreadsheets, calculators, and credit cards come to mind, if at all. Finance is notorious for being dull, gray and boring, and offices belonging to financial firms are no different.
However, Payment gateway Razorpay is looking to change that perception. Joining the league of Koramangla startu neighbours like Lookup and Grabhouse, Razorpay has a swanky new office in Koramangla, Bangalore, and we have a glimpse of it for you.