Inside the Colourful, Fun And Kitschy Office Of ThoughtWorks, Pune

Think software, programming, coding languages and engineers, and the first imagery in mind is likely going to be of functional offices, industrial layouts, Facebook-like office, and overall a picture of all things dull, numbers and nerd-like.
However, ThoughtWorks – a software design and delivery, pioneering tools and consulting services company – is refreshingly different. The office is bright, colourful and very quirky with its interesting use of props and thoughtful details.

This Is How 11 Companies Celebrated Diwali In The Office

As one of the biggest and most auspicious festivals in India, Diwali has a huge significance as far as workplace celebrations go. Most companies decorate the office and distribute sweets and gifts to the employees. Some even go as far as conducting ethinic day, Diwali-themed activities, a feast, the works.

Here’s a roundup of the diwali festivities at some of the Indian companies, each unique and interesting in their own way, on the last working day before Diwali.