These 9 Indian Shoplifting Clips Will Make You Go “No Way!”

We have compiled the best of clips from some of the CCTV footage of shoplifting in India or involving Indian perpetrators. From the style of the theft to the swiftness of the act, these clips would have you blink twice, and wonder if that really happened. While jewelry seemed the most popular choice for thievery, these cunning rogues haven’t spared laptops, saris, mobile phones, cash and even beer in their heists.

They Quit Big Cities To Work In Small Towns & Villages In India

When the cities are choking under the pressure of rapid urbanization and overpopulation causing rising temperatures, pollution and a reduced quality of life, more people choosing to move out of big cities and into small, sparsely populated towns can only be a good thing.
After a successful series on people who quit their jobs to follow their passions, we bring you people who quit cities in favour of small towns and villages, to inspire you.

27 Funny Tweets About Work That Office Goers Will Relate With

A person spends the better part of their waking (and sometimes sleeping) hours at the workplace. So naturally, it’s an integral part of our lives, for good or for bad. However, amidst all the chaos, pressure and the depression, there’s a few people who manage to put a funny spin on everyday situations at work and make it look less like a chore and more like a riot. So here’s our list of 25 of the funniest tweets on office lives and jobs, including some from the funniest Indian Twitter accounts there are. If you have a job, you will relate with them.

Ex-Infosys Veteran Shares 10 Insights From 25 Year Long Career

I have just resigned my job after ~25 years of service at Infosys in pursuit of a job in CSR field or in non-profit sector or to start a social enterprise or a start-up. I had sent a farewell message internally with details of 25 year exciting journey from a trainee to an executive who managed more than USD 150 mn revenues and 1700+ people. Along with that, I have also added top 10 insights/learnings during my tenure at Infosys.

Pakistani Startups Inspired By Every Top Indian Startup

India’s neighbour and archrival, Pakistan has a counterpart for every top Indian startup there is, right from Flipkart to to Zomato. Pakistani startups may have a long way to go in terms of investment rounds, the look and feel of the website and app, and market penetration, the presence of these established startups is a handy reckoner of its potential. And while India is sometimes accused of following US and China models of startups, it’s in a way redeeming to say that many of India’s homegrown startups have inspired the same in its neighbour country.
Here’s a look at top 12 Pakistani startups, along with their Indian inspiration.