Naveen Tewari’s Priorities Tell Us Why InMobi Is A Huge Success

Starting up is never easy. There’s blood, sweat, tears, and a whole lot of sacrifice. Your life begins revolving around your company, and other aspects can often take a backseat. So when InMobi cofounder Naveen Tewari was asked to rank his wife, his company and cricket in order of preference, his response was clear – InMobi was the most important thing in his life.

ConveGenius On How To Make A Startup An Awesome Place to Work

Last year, ConveGenius was awarded the “Best Startup to Work For” award in the ed-tech category. It wasn’t surprising at all for the team, as the founders since the beginning had personally designed every workplace policy to keep the culture as hospitable as possible. Today, Shashank Pandey, the co-founder of ConveGenius shares his secrets on how he built an amazing workplace, exclusively on Office Chai.