Senegal Transforms Its Sanitation System, Uber Style

A lot can happen over poo.

And it’s not a typo. You read it right. Apparently, the Senegal National Sanitation Utility is experimenting with a mind-boggling Uber style waste management system in Dakar, the capital of West African nations. Eighty percent of Senegal residents use pit latrines and due to a problematic sewage system, the pit-emptiers charge excessively to clean up the dirt. So the government has decided to introduce a SMS service to collect and sell it!

5 Silicon Valley Tech Leaders With Liberal Arts Major

If you think only a computer science or engineering degree is the way to become tech superstar, you are wrong. Apparently, people with non-technical academic background and liberal arts major are benefitting the most from tech boom. Major software companies and tech startups are utilizing the creativity and insight of liberal arts to create something incredible in the Silicon Valley. Check out our list of 5 successful tech leaders who studied liberal arts and made it big (money)

Uber Founder’s Is The World’s No. 2 Ranked Wii Tennis Player

Uber is riding high on valuation (nearly $50 billion). From a San Francisco based startup to one of the hottest companies in Silicon Valley – Uber came a long way.

And along the company’s success, Travis Kalanick, the co-founder and CEO of Uber, made it to the Forbes list of billionaires. But it was not just his entrepreneuring skills that worked for the company’s success. The man has a now-not-so-secret passion.