Things Every Bangalorean Needs To Do Right Now To Save The City

Everyone is a part of contributing to the legend that Bangalore is, as much as the mess it’s come to be. And so the onus of helping this once glorious city restore its rightful title also rests with us. Yes even us urban professionals with a 9 to 5 jobs because the bad news is there are no invisible elves that will fix the city for us. The government isn’t efficient enough to turn this city around overnight. The responsibility of cleaning up after us doesn’t lie with some anonymous good hearted volunteers from NGOs.

The good news is, if all of us did our bits, however little, we should see change. Good news is people are doing it. So, here’s a simple list of things, all of us, can within our capacity help.

This Is The Startup Advice From A 19 Year Old Ritesh Agarwal

Ritesh Agarwal is touted as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the country. Having started Oyo rooms at 18, he knows a thing or two about starting young. Today, Oyo is worth over $500 million and can truly be said to be a disruptor of the hotel industry in India. So when a user on Quora asked on how to start a startup at 18, the then 19 year old Ritesh Agarwal jumped in and shared these insights.

Indira Nooyi Shares Important Thoughts About Women At Work

She heads one of the world’s biggest consumer product companies and one of the only 20 women heading an S&P top 200 company, but her insights on the issues women still face at work come across as telling of the situation prevalent even today.
Speaking at the Women in the World Summit, Indira Nooyi, the 44 year old Indian-born CEO of Pepsico, has shared a lot of heartfelt thoughts about women at the workplace.

11 Times When Indian Startup Wars Got Very Real

The Indian startup ecosystem is normally a friendly place. People offer each other tips, share insights and generally have each other’s backs and the whole startup fraternity seems to be one big back-slapping family. But when there’s intense competition and big money at stake, the niceness is sometimes cast aside and bitter rivalries surface. And even as some of these are pushed under the carpet, sometimes the founders decide to make it public.
Here are the top 11 times when the things got a bit heated in the Indian startup ecosystem.