Sensitivity and Empathy Required During Layoffs

With startups like Localbanya, TinyOwl, Zomato, Helpchat letting go off employees, employees across the startup sector, where people were rushing towards until recently, are spooked. Indian startups require thousands of engineers and skilled workers, and now compete with large MNCs for talent, hence there is a huge demand and supply gap, which leads to salary hikes.

Have Food Tech Startups Bitten Off More Than They Can Chew?

A year ago, the food tech sector was booming. Funds were plentiful, investors were upbeat, and a new company seemed to be coming up every minute. Cut to a year later, and things aren’t quite so rosy. There have been murmurs of overvalued companies, and investors are being more circumspect with their cash. One sector that has been particularly hard hit is the food tech industry.

Flipkart and Amazon Try Out Online Mystery Shoppers

With several online customers facing such bad experiences in terms of pricing discrepancies, non-availability of desired products, or even receiving sub-standard or fake products, online marketers are now pulling up their socks to ensure customer satisfaction on one hand, and prevent fraud on the other. And one of the approaches taken by many ecommerce platforms, including biggies Flipkart and Amazon is introduction of the Mystery Shopper.

Naveen Tewari’s Priorities Tell Us Why InMobi Is A Huge Success

Starting up is never easy. There’s blood, sweat, tears, and a whole lot of sacrifice. Your life begins revolving around your company, and other aspects can often take a backseat. So when InMobi cofounder Naveen Tewari was asked to rank his wife, his company and cricket in order of preference, his response was clear – InMobi was the most important thing in his life.