Rahul Yadav’s Tweets From 2013 Show His Initial Struggles

Today, Rahul Yadav is the hotshot young CEO of a 1500 crore corporation. He’s done Reddit AMAs, the media can’t stop talking about him, and he has a legion of fans that follow his every move. But less than 3 years ago, he was just another entrepreneur struggling to promote his business.

Rahul Yadav’s twitter, which hasn’t been used in 2 years, offers a fascinating glimpse into the early struggles of his company.

Overwork Led To The Death Of Sarvshreshth Gupta

It was 2:40 am on a warm San Francisco night. Sarvshreshth Gupta called his father, sitting thousands of miles away in New Delhi, India. “It is too much. I have not slept for two days. I have a client meeting tomorrow morning, I have to complete a presentation, my V.P. is annoyed and I am working alone in my office,” he said. His father was understandably concerned. Sarvshreshth was working as an Analyst at Goldman Sachs, and had recently been complaining about his workload.

These 15 Bizarre Jobs Only Exist In India

Call these cultural norms, or the practical needs of a developing economy with a severe unemployment problem, but these jobs probably exist and thrive only in India! While increasing urbanization, rise of social media and ultimately penetration of technology may soon render these jobs redundant or vanish them altogether, here’s a peek into some of the most bizarre or unique jobs of India.