This Startup Asked An Employee To Work For 4 Months Without Pay

Startups are seen as places where employee rights are at the forefront – there are usually no fixed working hours, no dress codes, and no unnecessary hierarchical procedures. In the past few years, people have joined the startup wave in droves, enamoured by the promise of better working conditions and more substantive work. However amidst the unstructured and disruptive environment that startups operate in, employee rights often fall by the wayside.

8 Secrets Shared By An IPL Cheerleader

Cheerleaders have now become an accepted, integral part of the IPL. Despite the initial reservations that they wouldn’t fit into the Indian cultural scene, they are now on thousands of TV screens, vociferously applauding every four and six in India’s own festival. Despite them getting tons of airtime, there’s very little known about the girls behind the skimpy costumes and the heavy makeup. So when an American IPL cheerleader decided to do an AMA on Reddit, the community was rapt. And got to know some very interesting details about what it’s like to be a cheerleader in the IPL.