[Video] Tata Security Staff Beats Up Journalists Outside Group’s Mumbai Headquarters

The Tata group has been embroiled in a ugly controversy since Chairman Cyrus Mistry was unceremoniously sacked and former Chairman Ratan Tata brought back in his place. Since his ouster, Mistry has accused the Tata Sons board of mismanagement, and the Tatas hit back, saying that Mistry was removed for underperformance. Just today, Nirmalaya Kumar, a member of the Tata GEC, wrote a blogpost about how he was also let go for having close ties to Cyrus Mistry.

The Tata brand has suffered, and Tata stocks have been down across the board. 

There has been justifiable interest in the proceedings, and the press has be trying to cover the Tata empire as best as they can. And tensions at the Tata group appeared to spill over when there was a scuffle involving photojournalists and the security staff at Bombay House, the headquarters of the Tata group.

Photographers had assembled outside to catch a glimpse of Cyrus Mistry, who had arrived there to chair a board meeting of Tata group firm, Indian Hotels. When photographers saw Mistry, they rushed to click his pictures. In the meantime, the security at the Tata Group who were trying to control the situation were roughed up the photographers.

“The security staff came outside and started hitting photo journalists. The security staff were chasing us. In my 20 years of journalistic career, this is something I have never seen at the Bombay House premises,” said Mid Day reporter Atul Kamble.

The police had to intervene, and the situation was brought under control with the intervention of the Mata Ramabai Police station. Four security guards and three photographers have been taken for medical check-up.

Debashis Ray, Tata Group spokesperson, said he apologized to the journalists later. “I went and spoke to everyone who was present outside. I apologize to everyone who was present.” Ray said.