Meet 17 Indian Startups That Allow Pets In The Office

One of the toughest parts of being away at work for 12 hours a day is being away from your pet. Most people shy away from keeping pets, or are forced to give up their pets to shelters because of work commitments. While most companies abroad allow pets, in India it still remains a much desired perk. However, many startups across the metros are taking matters of the fur into their hands, and welcoming pets into their offices. (Or cafes and studios for that matter.) Here’s some of the startups in India that are pet friendly, along with the pets that grace their offices.

Internet Wants To Reward ‘Laziest Guy’ Who Used Flipkart As ATM

Amongst the laziest things people have done to get stuff done (Or basically Jugaad-ed), this engineering student at a hostel decided to use Flipkart as an ATM. Too lazy to go to the bank to deposit cash, genius struck when our man thought of this brilliant hack. He ordered goods to the tune of the amount he needed the cash for, and chose to employ the Cash On Delivery method. The very next day, he filed for a product return and got his money refunded into his bank the very next day.

Sikkim Bans Plastic Mineral Water Bottles & Foam Containers: First Indian State To Do So

Sikkim may not have a burgeoning food delivery startups scene or a throbbing pub culture, but that doesn’t stop the state from taking all measures to go eco friendly.

For effective waste management in an eco-friendly manner, the Sikkim government has restricted the use of mineral water bottles in government programmes and banned the use of foam food containers all over the state.

Myntra Spams Users With Hundreds Of Notifications About Purchases They Never Made

Pallavi R was in a for a shock today morning when she randomly got a push notification from Myntra about a pair of Benetton shoes costing Rs. 5000 that have been delivered. The message would’ve been a welcome communication except one little detail. She never ordered those shoes. Nobody had touched her phone to have made a purchase as her.

Within minutes, hundreds of other Myntra users complained of the same. Social media was abuzz of people sharing screenshots of the incessant notifications they got from the Myntra app.