12 Crazy Workplace Accidents That Will Make You Go Ouch

Think jobs, and the most dire situation that you’d think that could arise is a particularly bad case of the Monday blues. Not really. Workplaces are fraught with their own set of risks, and dangerous accidents are common. Some jobs are riskier for your health and safety than others, but as you’ll see, even in seemingly boring desk job in an IT company, hazards can arise out of nowhere.

Indian Companies Are Helping Aid Commuting Woes For Employees

Increasing migration to the cities and thus an ever-expanding fleet of vehicles, lack of traffic management, and inefficient and inadequate public transport is adding to the commuting woes of the Indian employee. The traffic woes in IT hubs like Gurgaon, Bangalore and Mumbai are well documented. Good news is that companies in India are cognizant and also sympathetic of the employee’s woes and some of them are coming forward with various initiatives and ideas to help mitigate, if not eradicate this problem plauging the average Indian worker.

17 Upcoming Indian Startups Solving The Most Unusual Problems

There are startups these days that take care of roti, kapda and makaan needs.
But India Inc is also home to startups that fulfil needs that you didn’t even realize you had. These startups are quirky, zany, and are solving some very unusual problems. We trawled the length and the breadth of the Indian startup ecosystem to find out the most outlandish ideas that are being worked on.