Tim Cook Mixes Fun With Work On India Visit, Parties With Bollywood A List

Apple CEO Tim Cook is on his maiden visit to India as Apple’s CEO. We reported his agenda for his 4 day trip which includes announcing an Apple incubator and development centre in Bangalore, a Maps centre in Hyderabad and hobnobbing with the government regarding policy around Apple iPhones. He would be meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi tomorrow. He’s even met up with the founders of Indian startups Urban Clap, amongst others.

20 Quirkiest Culture Hacks At Startups From Around The World

If there’s one thing that makes startups stand apart from the big corporations, it’s their ability to innovate, experiment and maintain a culture. Much has been spoken about the ‘Startup culture’, but startup culture goes beyond pretty offices, free lunches and various perks. While Google’s 20% project time and Facebook’s one month rotations are well known, we have compiled a list of little quirky things startups around the world – small and big- do to boost employee engagement, productivity and in turn have them come up with a kickass product for the end consumer.

23 Of The Most Bizarre Products That You Can Buy Online In India

Right from clothes to mobile phones to books, these portals have it all. However, the e commerce has also brought with it wonders of shopping anonymously, and making a whole range of products available that were unthinkable before. So, no awkward questions to the shopkeepers, no embarrassing peeps from your shopping bags. From freshly produced cowdung to alien ears to midwife training silicon figures, we are spoilt for choice! Have a look at some of the weirdest products you can buy and get home delivered in India. While Flipkart and Snapdeal have their share of bizarre, Amazon hands down for housing the most WTF products you can think or not think of.