Top 10 Companies Acquired By Apple

So far Apple Inc., one of the most successful technology companies of our generation, has made few but notable acquisitions so far. The number stands at 83, to be precise, till December 2016. They stand by the philosophy of buying smaller companies that can be integrated into Apple’s existing line of technologies and projects. This 1976 born multinational company made its first acquisition in 1988 and so far the largest deal was made with Beats Electronics, which was purchased for $3 billion. Let’s have a quick look at the top 10 companies acquired by Apple.

Top 10 Companies Acquired By Google

Google has so far acquired over 200 companies, i.e. more than one company per week on average. Many of Google’s products originated from these acquisitions. For example, Google’s acquisition of voice-over IP company GrandCentral led to Google Voice. Then there are companies that are acquired to expand enterprise. For example, when it bought Apigee Corp for $625 million last year to increase its cloud-based offerings for businesses. While the web search engine giant will continue making news with their acquisitions, we have looked into the top 10 companies acquired by Google.

Top 10 Companies Acquired By Facebook

Facebook is still young, and still growing. But they were never in a mood to slow down as far as growth was concerned, even when they were in the midst of becoming a publicly traded company. They purchased Instagram for $1 billion anyway. It was their most expensive at that time and continued to be so, till they acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion in 2014. A deal that’s still considered a high point in startup circles. Since 2005 Facebook have bought more than 50 companies and most of these companies are based in the USA. Here is a list of top 10 companies acquired by Facebook.

Your Salary Slip, Decoded

Do you find salary slip confusing? Don’t be embarrassed. Most of us have been there. The salary that’s been offered to us during recruitment is not the same when its transferred to your account every month. Hence, to optimize tax liability, deductions and REALLY understand your income structure, it’s important to have a tête-à-tête with your salary slip. Although it’s not the easiest financial document to decipher. But it’s no rocket science either! Here’s a simple guide to understand the basic elements of your salary slip.

Know The Narwhals: Top 5 Start-ups In Canada

Since 2013, when Aileen Lee of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers came up with the concept of ‘Unicorn club’, start-up culture has spread all over the globe. As a result, Canada came up with an indigenous club for top start-ups in Canada. Brent Holliday of Garibaldi Capital Advisors, a Vancouver based tech focused capital advisory firm, created the concept of ‘Narwhal Club’. Canadian start-ups founded in or after 1999, with a valuation of $1billion or more are considered to be members of the club.

These Are The Top Startups In China

While start-ups in the West continue to innovate, Asia is keener offer solution to problems that are unique to the local population. This results in fast growth and increase in international investment. China, for instance, has the best start-up ecosystem in Asia and among the top 10 Unicorn start-ups in the world, 4 are Chinese. Here we focus on 10 top start-ups in China.

Here’s Where India’s Top Startup Founders Studied And Worked At

Is an IIIT or IIM degree is mandatory to build a successful start-up? No. But can you impress a venture capitalist without having the right qualification from a premier institute? Probably not. Anybody can become entrepreneur, no confusion there. But once you are fighting for funding, VCs are going to look at your academic background and achievements. If they are going to invest in your product or service, they need to know that you have got the right mettle to earn them profit. Having the right education from premiere institutions helps to achieve that goal. Here we have made a list on Indian start-up founders education to give you an insight. Needless to say, investors look for the right product and team first, once that part is checked off, they look at the founders’ background.

These Are The Top Indian IT Companies By Revenue

Inflation, or no inflation, IT companies continue to rule Indian employment scenario. We have profiled the biggest IT companies earlier, this time we focus on the top Indian IT companies by revenue. These companies appeared among the top 60 in ET 500 companies. While the major leaders continue to be big names like Indian Oil Corporation, Reliance and Tata Motors, 5 of our leading IT companies made it to the top 60. Without surprise, Tata Consultancy Services made it to top 10 with considerable increase in profit, while companies like Bharat Petroleum Corporation and Tata Steel faced plunged.

The Top Fintech Startups In The World

In a world where consumers’ trust on the banking system continues to waver, financial technology or Fintech is tapping into the potential. “Last year, financing for fintech start-ups hit over $20 billion, a 66 percent increase on the $12 billion recorded in 2014, according to KPMG”, CNBC reported. As Paytm and MobiKwik gained significant popularity in the past months due to demonetization drive in India, their international equivalents are also growing by leaps and bounds. Here we have listed the top fintech start-ups from the Unicorn club.