These Are The Richest Women In India

Let’s talk about self-made women billionaires. Do you know how many are there in India? Like every year, Forbes published the list of India’s 100 Richest People in 2016, with Mukesh Ambani (net worth $22.7 billion) topping the list for nine consecutive years. But there are only four Indian women on the list. And of these four, only ONE is a self-made women billionaire. Amidst the talks on Beti bachao, Beti padhao initiative, this comes as a reality check. Read our list below to know about these richest women in India.

These Are The Top 10 Richest Actors In India

If not up to the value of Hollywood, Bollywood is no less than the Mecca of rich and famous at this age. In terms of appeal, net box-office collection and number of film production every year, Bollywood is the strongest competitor of Hollywood in every justified sense of the term. Earnings of our celluloid idols are as enchanting as their commercial avatars. Forbes published a list of 100 richest celebrities in 2016 and here are the richest actors in India as per their evaluation. Let’s see who made it to top 10.

Top UK Startups To Watch Out For In 2017

The startup scene in UK, London in particular, is bright and exciting. Other than resource, skill and support for new age entrepreneurs, there is also a sense of community in the tech sphere, as startup owners in London would like to draw attention to. And a community of like-minded individuals makes way to spirit and motivation that lead number of entrepreneurs to consider London as the best launching pad in that part of the world. So without further ado, let’s get to know a little better these top UK startups that gloriously posited their ventures in the unicorn club and deserve an eye on them in 2017.

These Are The Top Internet Software Startups In The World

It takes no magnificent IQ level to understand that the Internet boom bubble is not going to burst anytime soon. It’s no real estate. Despite the rising magnitude of competition and threat of saturation, Internet software and services industry is meant to stay in the $1 billion unicorn startups club and flourish. To back the argument we have put together a list of top Internet software startups from unicorn club.

Here’s The List Of Ratan Tata Funded Startups

It sprouted considerable amount of hope and interest in Indian startup community for every legit reason when Ratan Tata became one of the key angle investors for startups. And his investment portfolio is as diverse as his conglomerate. So far he has invested in 29 startups, including Paytm, Zivame, FirstCry and CarDekho. Here’s a look at the full list of Ratan Tata funded startups.

These Are The Top On-Demand Startups In The World

Thanks to the new-gen start-ups, the On-Demand economy has become one of the key components to revolutionize commercial behaviours around the world. Growth of this industry has become momentous due to the prominence of Uber and similar companies in the venture capital circle. Here we have looked into top on-demand start-ups in the world. Let’s get to know them little better, shall we?

These Are The Top E-commerce Startups In The World

Of top 10 Unicorn listed start-ups, 7 operate in E-commerce industry. What started by Amazon and eBay, still has not lost relevance. Why would it be anyway? No way we are going to move past the comfort of selling and buying things online. Instead, the Unicorn start-ups in this industry are constantly trying to come up with innovative online commerce experience. Read our list on top E-commerce start-ups from the Unicorn Club to know more about them.

These Are The Top Social Startups In The World

The world of social media is a tricky business. Easy to enter, but it’s the scaling and growth that makes it hard to succeed. Facebook and Twitter are still leading the industry, but there are few others creating storms, in a lower scale perhaps, but their potential is as good as any. Before the cynics start talking about bursting investment hype in the sector, here’s our list of top social start-ups from the Unicorn club.