Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs In India

As the salary of an average Indian CEO at top listed private companies is doubling from Rs. 10 crore to Rs. 20 crore in just two years, it’s bound to trigger interests as we hope for a legitimate raise in our paychecks this year. The analysis of CEOs salaries in top listed companies for FY 2015-16 shows that the average remuneration paid to the top executives was approximately Rs. 19 crore. The payment includes their salary, commissions, allowances, value of all prerequisites and ESOPs exercised during the year and all other benefits. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know who are these highest paid CEOs in India?

These Are The 10 Best US B Schools

Hooting for an MBA degree is barely a new trend, in India and abroad. Increased salary, wider network of industry contacts, better employability skills and new opportunities are the factors that drives millions worldwide to enroll in the best B schools. Since an MBA costs well over than the standard higher education degree, it’s a risk of money and time that one has to calculate meticulously. Bloomberg Businessweek has recently published their annual list on best business schools in US. They evaluated the leading B schools based on five standard metrics – Employer survey (35%), Alumni survay (30%), Student survey (15%), Salary (10%) and Job placement (10%). Read the full list of 10 best US B schools here.

ISB Hyderabad Campus Offers A Campus Lifestyle Suited For Future Executives

Indian Business School, or ISB, may not share the same pedigree as the leading business schools in India, but this 2001 established private institution is the youngest institution to secure a place in global MBA rankings. ISB has been ranked 29th in the world in the 2016 Financial Times Global MBA Rankings. The institution has two campuses – one in Hyderabad and another in Mohali, Punjab. Spread over 260 acres, the ISB Hyderabad campus is considered as one of the largest B-school campuses in Asia.

IIT Bombay Campus Is A Little Township By Itself

Like other premier institutions of similar stature, IIT Bombay has a strategically convenient location and ample of lush greenery. But it’s also a self-sufficient township offering most primary facilities, from hospital and banks, to a shopping centre and two schools for children, right on the IIT Bombay campus.

This Is What A TCS Fresher’s Salary Looks Like

For a $160 billion industry grappling with bottle-neck competition, inflation and cross-currency fluctuations, has 200,000 to 300,000 available jobs for 1 million IT and engineering students graduating every year. Despite the talks about TCS and Infosys increasing the salary of employees in FY17, the plight of IT freshers continue nonetheless. While Infosys announced wage hike by 6-12%, TCS went marginally higher with 8-12% hike. But there’s a legitimate concern hovers around freshers’ salary for someone who is prepping to get into the industry straight out of college. And TCS being one of the largest recruiters of fresh IT and engineering graduates calls for the most attention in this regard. So we have looked into it and here’s what a TCS fresher salary would look like.

MDI Gurgaon Campus Has Great Academic Facilities, And A Golf Course

Moving on from the quintessential business schools aka IIMs, one can find the red brick building surrounded by trees and golf course not so far away from Delhi. Management Development Institute or MDI is consistently ranked as one of top 10 premier business schools in India. MDI was established in 1973 primarily as an institute for training, consulting and research. The Post Graduate Program in Management or PGPM started from 1994. The institution now has two campuses – MDI Gurgaon campus and a second campus near Murshidabad, West Bengal.

These Are The 10 Richest Politicians In India

Our politicians may have questionable work ethics, but that hardly ever stops them to have celebrity like assets. That’s an unfortunately reality we are already aware of. But do you know who are these richest politicians in India? We have them listed as per their net assets, if you don’t. They may not have a red carpet to walk on and a personal stylist to choose the best clothes for them, but their bank details are bound to awestruck us, the mortals of working class.

These Are The Most Successful Investors In The World

There are two ways to get rich. A, you work hard to get money and B, make your money to work hard for you. The second one sounds simplistic, but requires a fair share of calculations, systematic approach adopted and practiced over time, an effective sense of impulse and luck working in favour. However, there is no magic formula involved in being one of the most successful investors. They all work on rather simple philosophies and investment formulas that have proven to be effective over a significant period of time. We have looked into the profiles of most successful investors of our time and here are the top 10.