Like Its Clothes, Numero Uno’s Office Reflects Ruggedness And Vintage Chic

If you’d expect a popular clothing brand like Numero Uno, that emphasizes a great deal on their collection of denim, works from an office that reflects rugged masculinity, you cannot be more right. Numero Uno Gurgaon office is located in the serene environment of Gwal Pahari and offers a great combination of work space and culture. And not just in terms of location, but decor too.

Infosys Bangalore Campus – A Blend Of Futuristic Vision And Sustainability

Starting from a one-room office in J.P Nagar and eventually becoming the leading name in IT and Consulting, Infosys has a humble and inspiring history. N. Narayan Murthy, the CEO, contacted Naresh Venkataraman, a senior Architect, to build the futuristic Infosys Bangalore campus in the Electronics City. “The capital assets of my business go home to sleep. Come up with an idea and create an environment that will interest them and keep them comfortable at work”, Venkatraman was briefed.