The Story Of HitchBOT, The Hitchhiking Robot

My name is hitchBOT. My parents are Dr. David Smith and Dr. Frauke Zeller. I’m a good looking, smart and intelligent robot from Canada. I love music and reading, especially books on philosophy and astrophysics. But most of all, I love travelling and meet new people. I like to share my journey and memories on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I think social media is really cool.

Meet Zhou Qunfei, The Richest Self-Made Woman In The World

In 1970, a girl was born to a poor family in a village in China’s Hunan province. She grew up in the village, dropped out of school, and eventually started working life as a petty worker in a glass making factory. At the age of 45, she’s become the richest woman in China and the world’s richest self-made woman with a wealth of over $7.4 billion.