All The Christmas Gifts Google’s Given Its Employees Since 2009

Google being Google, world’s biggest tech giant, and a cash-rich company whose employee-friendly culture is universally celebrated and lauded does Christmas in style. Not only does Google go out in decking up its campuses around the globe and dissing up Christmas special fare to its 30,000 employees, it plays the biggest Santa every Christmas.

Google employees around the world get a gift, called the Holiday gift every year during Christmas. These are no ordinary gifts, a box of chocolates or a little gadget! We have a roundup of all the gifts Google’s showered on its employees.

Meet These 11 People Who Quit Their Jobs To Follow Their Passion

You’ve been dreaming of finally leaving your corporate cubicle forever. Maybe it’s because you think your work is boring and repetitive. Maybe it’s because it eats into your personal life. Or maybe it’s because you’re truly passionate about something, and are willing to forego the comforts and perks of a normal job to follow your dreams.

As a part of the “People Who Quit Their Jobs To Do Something Amazing” series, we bring you another 11 enterprising people who did leave their corporate cubicles. Their motives were different – some have set up businesses, others have travelled, yet some others have tried to give back to society. But their underlying motives remain – they’ve turned their backs on a safe, conventional life and taken the plunge. And they’re all very happy with their life choices.

15 Prominent Indian Celebrities Who Have Turned Entrepreneurs

Fame can be fleeting. Looks fade away with age. Talent comes with a shelf life. However, businesses can go on, almost forever. Celebrities realise this fact, and many of them have decided to not put all their eggs in one basket and secure their future, with investments into a life beyond the showbiz. Their name, fame and the ready inventory of cash also makes business that much easier to get in to, and the new wave of entrepreneurship is not lost on them. Here are some of the prominent celebrities from the world of Bollywood, modelling and cricket who have ventured into starting or investing into businesses.

Zomato Forced To Take Down Porn Campaign

Zomato had revealed the results of its porn marketing campaign with much fanfare. The company had decided to advertise on porn websites to promote its night time deliveries. And the campaign, however unconventional, had worked. Zomato had managed to draw people to its site at record low costs. It had seemed like a perfect startup hack – an insight into consumer behaviour that had demonstrable results. Yet Zomato’s taken the campaign down a day after it was announced.

10 Examples Of Companies Using Gifts And Merchandise As Clever Marketing Hacks

Companies are known to be capitalistic, cold and impersonal entities who’re out there to take your money.

However, every now and then they do little gestures, that makes them come across as personal, caring and send warm and fuzzies your way. In their own ways, they go out of their way to reach out and touch.

Call it a clever marketing hack or a genuine gesture, here’s a few instances when some companies – known or small – made people’s days with their thoughtful acts.