These Startups Were The Fastest To Become Unicorns

As you are reading this article someone from somewhere in the world is daydreaming to launch a start-up or actually making it a reality on paper. Other than being famous for their ideas, they all dream of joining the unicorn club. While some get the pass eventually, others may not be fast enough. When Aileen Lee coined the term in 2013, unicorns in the start-up sector were as rare as the mythical creature itself. Now there are 229 of them. And there are a few who made it to the club faster than the rest according to the CB Insights report. If you are curious to know them better, these are the fastest unicorn start-ups.

Here Are The 10 Fastest $1 Billion Exits In Startup History

Aim for the long race when starting a start-up. But that’s not the only way. Amidst the talks on mushrooming funding rounds and all that jazz, a gala exit became cooler than being a $1 billion start-up. The term $1 billion+ exit especially created a buzz in the sector last year with Wal-Mart’s $3.3B acquisition of It was, however, only the sixth fastest $1 billion+ exit. The deal as well, albeit impressive, was not among the biggest returns. Facebook’s $22B purchase of Whatsapp (raised about $58 million) becomes legendary in start-up history, as far as the size of returns among fastest exists are concerned. Among the top 10 fastest $1 billion+ exits, Facebook alone acquired 3 – Oculus, Instagram and Whatsapp. Check out them in detail below.

Top 5 Most Innovative Irish Start-ups

Irish start-up ecosystem is making news for all good reasons. Its 12.5% corporate tax rate is one of the lowest in Europe, making the country a prospective destination for multinationals. As a result, Ireland now has nearly 2,250 start-ups, same as Amsterdam. Amsterdam, however, has more than three times population. If that doesn’t demonstrates the growth of Irish start-ups well enough then here’s a list of top start-ups in Ireland to watch out for next year.

Because I Hate My Boss

Dear Boss,

As you read this letter I have probably boarded the plane to a long vacation. I’m leaving your company to be a globetrotter for two reasons. One, I have spent three in your citadel of meaninglessness I finally got my promotion yesterday. With my raised salary I can now be able to afford one large pizza with extra toppings a month. Yes, that was the percentage. I was told with magnitude of fake enthusiasm by one of your petted office fairies about my two pages long added responsibility that you’d gift wrapped with my promotion. If this you think is not a good enough, I’d give you my second reason.

I hate my boss.

Infosys Bangalore Campus – A Blend Of Futuristic Vision And Sustainability

Starting from a one-room office in J.P Nagar and eventually becoming the leading name in IT and Consulting, Infosys has a humble and inspiring history. N. Narayan Murthy, the CEO, contacted Naresh Venkataraman, a senior Architect, to build the futuristic Infosys Bangalore campus in the Electronics City. “The capital assets of my business go home to sleep. Come up with an idea and create an environment that will interest them and keep them comfortable at work”, Venkatraman was briefed.

Know Your Salary Certificate

Once you approach a bank or similar kind of financial institution for car, house and personal loans, Salary Certificate submission is mandatory, along with other documents. To put simply, it’s a certificate issued by your employer to verify your income and stability of position. Banks would ask to furnish the certificate to evaluate your ability to pay off the loan. If you are planning to process a bank loan or keen to expand information in general, here we are going to offer an overview on your salary certificate.

Famous Companies And Startups Founded By BITS Pilani Alumni

Unlike the IITs, BITS Pilani is about many other things along with education. Entrepreneurship, for example. If we go by the accounts of its alumni, BITS focuses on overall development and leadership quality of students. Their annual start-up events like Conquest and strong alumni networks led to entrepreneurship culture among students. And when you have opportunity, suitable infrastructure and necessary network support, every dream is achievable. These BITS Pilani alumni proved this right.

The Salary Of An SBI Probationary Officer (PO)

Let’s face it. Not everyone is privileged to run after innovation and doing something ‘worthwhile’. For the most of India job security is still the biggest concern of all. Hence, every middle class father has at least once told his child to try for SBI’s Probationary Officer’s exam. The job has respect, stability and an attractive compensation structure. So here we have tried to give an insight to what the salary of SBI PO looks like. Read on if you aspire to work for the bank.