These Are The Top Hardware Start-ups In The World

Hardware is the new fad in venture capital circles. Instead of building apps and offering web services, these companies manufacturing physical products and turning into insane success. Unfortunately there is no Indian hardware start-up in the Unicorn club yet. But if you are interested in hardware and aim to start your own venture, we are offering a little inspiration for you right here. Here is our list on top hardware start-ups from Unicorn club. Read, get inspired and start Make in India!

These Are The Educational Qualifications Of Top Startup Founders

Value of a degree from elite schools can’t be stressed enough when to comes to success of your start-up, or life in general. If you’re an entrepreneur from Silicon Valley or India, having a team with degree from Ivy League schools can be a determining factor to secure funding. To give you a fuller picture here we have compiled a list on the education of successful start-up founders. They are the top 10 in Unicorn club.

These Are The Countries With Most Unicorn Startups

Most Unicorns of the start-up world can be spotted in the United States, no surprises there. The rest of the world, however, is not leaving any stone unturned to match that pace. We have looked into the top 100 start-ups that have reached the $1 billion mark and became Unicorn. While 61% of the top 100 Unicorn start-ups are from the United States alone, China holds the second place with 16%. Read our complete list of countries with most Unicorn start-ups here.

These Are The Top Start-ups In South Africa

At a time when countries around the globe are focusing to promote a healthy start-up ecosystem to sustain economic growth, South Africa has also joined the bandwagon. South African entrepreneurial landscape is fast changing with increasing investments, government support and innovation in science and technology. Here we have listed the top start-ups in South Africa that we’d need to watch in 2017.

Here Are The Startups That Became Unicorns In 2016

A new year calls for a review of the last one. So why not we look back and evaluate how start-ups from around the world have performed in 2016? While the talks on decreasing investment were evident in venture capital circles, a number of start-ups got successful in touching the mighty $1 billion mark last year. Here we have listed the start-ups that became Unicorns in 2016.

These Are The Top Healthcare Startups In The World

Healthcare start-ups are trending right now and they will keep thriving no matter what. At a time like this when our general health is facing constant threat from climate change and sedentary lifestyle, these start-ups are offering innovative products designed to change the healthcare industry for better. Some are working towards finding alternative medicines and therapies for chronic diseases, while others are focusing on simplifying matters of health insurance and helping individuals to keep track on their health goals. But collectively they are working towards for the benefit of everyone. Right below are the top healthcare start-ups in the world.

These Are The Top Startups From Germany

Amidst the growing popularity and curiosity about venture capital-backed Unicorns United States’ start-up ecosystem has gained worldwide focus. Of the top 100, as many as 61 unicorns are from the United States alone. China being the second lead with 11. Although fewer in numbers, but German unicorn start-ups are also generating considerable interests in the related circles. Universally acclaimed universities, technically skilled workforce, educated and affluent consumers and large pool of investment capital are working in favour of German start-up ecosystem. Here are some little known facts about the top German unicorn start-ups.

These Are The Most Successful Top Y Combinator Startups

The boom in start-ups and venture capital in the past few years has been sufficiently advertised. New players in the start-up ecosystem emerged as a result. Terms like angel investors, incubators etc. started doing the round. One such concept, seed accelerators, has also gained attention. Seed accelerators, also known as start-up accelerators, support early stage companies with high growth potential through education, mentorship and financing for a fixed period and as a cohort-based programme. The first and most prominent seed accelerator programme was launched by Silicon Valley based Y Combinator in 2005. Among hundreds of start-ups that got into their programmes, a few couldn’t make it, while others touched billions. Here we have listed some of the top Y Combinator start-ups that stand out.

These Are The Top Startups From Europe

Europe has no dearth of innovation when it comes to start-ups. Well-off consumer market, availability of resources, investments and other interrelated components of success are also working in favour of the entrepreneurs diffused across the continent. From on-demand live-streaming channels, cutting edge security software, to the largest carpooling service providers top off the list of highest funded start-ups. In case you are wondering, we have made a list of top European start-ups that have been able to raise the most fund based on disclosed equity funding. Let’s check them out, shall we?