The Head Of Product Design At Facebook Shares 3 Important Lessons About Design

The times they are a changing. Especially within the tech industry, it is becoming increasingly important to be aware of what goes into making a good product. Product designers come in many forms. UI & UX designers, graphic designers, data scientists, business analysts they all serve as part of the product design team. They are here to help you identify, investigate, and validate the problem, and ultimately craft, design, test and ship the solution.

So, who other than the head of product design at a product we all use, and is ubiquitous is every way. Luke Woods, head of product design at Facebook, shares the 3 important lessons he’s learnt at Facebook.

How The Lack Of Fraud-Free Matrimony Sites Led Me To Build Truejodi

The inspiration to start up came when friends and family who used matrimonial sites to seek matrimonial alliances, often cribbed about fakes and frauds on those sites. While matrimony is quite an important life decision, you often get bumped into a lot of fakes. Having seen this happen with close family and friends, I thought that no matrimonial site was looking at authenticating profiles. This led me to build Truejodi – a reliable place to find a 100% verified match.

8 Important Budget Announcements About Income Tax Every Professional Should Know

The union budget has been declared and and the average individual must be wondering how things are going to change for them in the financial year 2016-17. Over 180 announcements were made which would make it somewhat difficult to keep track of the really relevant ones. Hence, we analyzed the budget for 2016 and summarized the relevant announcements. The 8 announcements listed below are the most noteworthy topics of the budget that you should be aware of.