Top 15 Reasons These Indians Said They Hate Their Jobs For

Jobs and people have a love and hate relationship. You need them to earn your bread and live a respectable life, but at the same time, they can be your biggest enemies. Stress, lack of time for pursuing your passion, draconian office rules etc. can often make people hate their jobs. While the reason to hate a job is highly subjective, there are some common triggers or patterns that establish some of the most common ones. On a thread on social opinion website Reddit, people were asked why they hated their jobs, and these were the top reasons.

116 Samsung India Employees Earn More Than A Crore A Year; But 70% Of Them Are Korean

South Korean electronics giant Samsung has had a presence in India for two decades now. Having entered the country in December 2015, it now occupies thousands of feet of office space, employs thousands of people across diverse fields such as R&D and sales, and has a large imprint on India’s technical industry. It’s a good paymaster as well – a full 116 Samsung India employees drew salaries of over Rs. 1 crore per year. But there was a problem. 70% of these people were of Korean origin.

Accel Records Phenomenal Gains From Selling Flipkart Stake

Venture Capital isn’t always the easiest form of investment. You take a bet on a small company with uncertain prospects. The company usually operates in a field that hasn’t been ventured into before, and there are few markers to tell you if it’ll succeed. And most don’t. Nearly 90% of startups fail, and Venture Capital firms are never able to recover their investments. But every once in a while, a startup succeeds. And when it does, the results can be astonishing.