Following Zika Virus Outbreak, Tata Rebrands Zica As Tiago

The Zika virus, which has been spreading across South America and has people in the US panicking, has had an unexpected fallout in faraway India. Tata Motors was all set to launch its new hatchback, rather unfortunately named Zica, when news of the virus outbreak started grabbing headlines last month. Tata realized that it would be hard to market a car that was named after a virus killing thousands of people, and decided to rebrand Zica.

How A Snapdeal Glitch Enabled A College Kid To Buy An iPhone 5S For Rs. 68

Snapdeal is known for giving away some unbelievable discounts, but this was a discount that seemed too good to be true. Punjab University B.Tech student Nikhil Bansal was browsing through the site when he came across an iPhone 5S that was at 99.97% off. While others might’ve dithered, thinking this was a technical glitch, Bansal immediately ordered the phone. He paid Rs. 68, or $1, for a shiny new iPhone 5S.

TCS Extends Its Notice Period To 3 Months

You have a long waiting period in store if you’re trying to leave your TCS job. India’s largest employer in the IT services industry has announced that it is extending its notice period to 3 months starting March this year. The current notice period at the company is one month.

Paytm Does Away With Transaction Fees For Offline Merchants

Paytm is pulling out all stops to get ordinary Indians to transact digitally. After it was revealed that it had spent Rs. 588 crore in customer cashbacks last year, it has now scrapped transaction fees for offline merchants for its wallet transactions. This fees was applied to all transactions and ranged between 0.5% to 2.5% of the transaction value.