Uber’s Cat And Mouse Game With Bangalore Authorities Continues; More Bikes Seized

Uber’s cat and mouse game with the Bangalore Traffic authorities just refuses to end. One thought that Uber had one-upped the competition by branding itself as a ridesharing service in order to let its bike taxis run, but it turns out that Bangalore’s traffic cops have other plans – in a fresh round of activity, the Bangalore police has seized at least 15 bikes belonging to Uber.

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Here’s 7 Indian Startups That Went All Out On April Fools’ Day

Despite a slow April fool’s, some Indian startups went all out there and pulled off some great April Fool’s day pranks. While Google, as tradition goes, pulled off another April Fool’s joke in the form of the “Google glass cardboard”, it’s the Indian startups, that in their own tone and style, had their unsuspecting customers fooled up. Here’s a list in no particular order.

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Ola Is Offering Free Rides In Kolkata In The Wake Of Flyover Collapse Accident

Ola cabs, India’s leading commutech company is doing something heartening to help the community. In the wake of the tragic flyover collapse accident in the city that has killed over 10 people and has left many hundreds injured and stranded, Ola has offered to help in its own capacity. The company is offering free rides to people commuting on the affected route.

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