Top Businesswomen In India in 2015

India has produced a remarkable number of women who have made a name for themselves in the workplace. Cutting across business verticals, these women have risen to the top of their chosen fields and in doing so have inspired a generation of new businesswomen to follow in their footsteps. In doing so, they have shown that while the glass ceiling might most definitely still exist, it certainly seems to be cracking under their combined onslaught.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, OfficeChai presents a list of top women in business in India in 2015.

Getting Fired Isn’t The End Of The World, Here’s How To Deal With It

Getting fired isn’t easy. Whether you’re an ambitious young professional or an old-time executive, you just never know when you’ll be handed the pink slip. It could be due to many reasons like company restructuring, downsizing, change in management, or because of your unsuitability for a role or disciplinary issues. Whatever the reason be, it can wreak havoc on your self esteem and disrupt your life.

However the good news is that losing a job is not the end of the world and with the right approach and perspective you could turn something bad into something positive.

We spoke to many people who have lost their jobs, how they dealt with it, and have compiled this handy guide on how to deal with getting fired, with grace and make the best out of it.

[UPDATED] How This Employee Nearly Committed Suicide After Being Fired By Samsung India

Getting fired isn’t pleasant at the best of times. But when an exit is acrimonious, things can get especially ugly. That’s what happened to Brajesh Sayta, an employee of Samsung, Bangalore. He was asked to turn in his papers after a protracted spell of bad ratings. Brajesh felt he’d been unjustly treated. He posted this on his facebook wall. It was a suicide note.

My First Day at Google – And the Beginning of Something Special

I still remember that day 5 years ago like it was yesterday. It was 8 am and I was ready in my most crisp formals- unnecessary as I’d get to know later- and the cab picked me and a couple of others to ferry us to the office. As a 21 year old in a new city, and away from the family for the first time, the excitement of starting my first job was mixed with a certain nervousness and a 100 questions.