GrabOn Launches New Feature, Buzz Me

Discount coupon site GrabOn today launched the third version of its website. The chief change that comes with this version is Buzz Me – a feature that will allows online shoppers to have a personalized notification popping-up on their desktop. Users would not need to register or download any app or plugin for this feature to work.

11 Most Meaningful Things To Do With Your First Salary

Your first paycheque is always special. After years of spending your parents’ money, there comes that one day in your adult life you see the magic words “Your Salary Has Been Credited” for the first time in your mobile phone. Irrespective of the amount or the company, that moment is always special. We asked a few people, and compiled a list of the best things you can do with your first paycheque.

20 Things You Must Do On Your First Day At Work

First days at work can sometimes decide the rest of your tenure in a company. I still look at my first day at Google fondly, fresh out of college and first time in a corporate environment.

However, there are some things I wish I did or didn’t do, that would’ve helped the rest of my journey at google.

I’ve changed several jobs since then and here’s what I have learnt about making the most out of your first day or even the first week at work.