Why Training Is A Vital Investment For Every Startup

If you were to ask any boss to share their stories about how they became successful, they would all have one thing in common. Staff training. The best and most successful businesses all recognize that their staff need to be the best to make money. However, they don’t realize years after the fact – they realize it at the very beginning.
The odds are against you as a startup, and there is a good chance you will fail. Staff training lowers those odds, and here’s how.

A Recruiter Tried To Hire This Programmer With A Slew Of Insults

Hamza Khan was in for a mild shock when he received an interesting job offer. He was emailed by someone claiming to be a recruiter who had seen Khan’s website and decided to send him an in-depth critique of it, and then tried to blackmail him into working for him.
The email is from a supposed Architecture engineer called Jacob Worstell working at the anti-spam email company, Sharklasers. The email lists out all the problems with Khan’s website in points, and is peppered with expletives.

Flipkart Shuts Down Its Groceries Arm Nearby

Flipkart Shuts Down Its Groceries Arm Nearby. Last year there was a spurt of players in the online grocery delivery business with new players like Peppertap and Grofers and biggies like Flipkart with Nearby, Ola with Ola store and Amazon with Amazon groceries entering the fray. Though recent events point out to the potential lack of feasibility of a grocery delivery business. Recently, Peppertap had scaled down operations by shutting down in 6 major cities and Grofers had shut down in 9 cities.