Myntra Spams Users With Hundreds Of Notifications About Purchases They Never Made

Pallavi R was in a for a shock today morning when she randomly got a push notification from Myntra about a pair of Benetton shoes costing Rs. 5000 that have been delivered. The message would’ve been a welcome communication except one little detail. She never ordered those shoes. Nobody had touched her phone to have made a purchase as her.

Within minutes, hundreds of other Myntra users complained of the same. Social media was abuzz of people sharing screenshots of the incessant notifications they got from the Myntra app.

Tim Cook Mixes Fun With Work On India Visit, Parties With Bollywood A List

Apple CEO Tim Cook is on his maiden visit to India as Apple’s CEO. We reported his agenda for his 4 day trip which includes announcing an Apple incubator and development centre in Bangalore, a Maps centre in Hyderabad and hobnobbing with the government regarding policy around Apple iPhones. He would be meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi tomorrow. He’s even met up with the founders of Indian startups Urban Clap, amongst others.