Food Tech Startup Dazo Shuts Down

A little a year after it came into existence, food tech startup Dazo has decided to shut shop. The company, which was initially called Tapcibo, used to aggregate meals from partner restaurants and took care of last-mile delivery to ensure superior customer experience.

12 Things Successful People Never Reveal About Themselves At Work

You can’t build a strong professional network if you don’t open up to your colleagues; but doing so is tricky, because revealing the wrong things can have a devastating effect on your career. Sharing the right aspects of yourself in the right ways is an art form. Disclosures that feel like relationship builders in the moment can wind up as obvious no-nos with hindsight.
The trick is to catch yourself before you cross that line, because once you share something, there is no going back. Dr. Travis Bradberry shares the 12 crucial things employees should resist from sharing openly.

ConveGenius On How To Make A Startup An Awesome Place to Work

Last year, ConveGenius was awarded the “Best Startup to Work For” award in the ed-tech category. It wasn’t surprising at all for the team, as the founders since the beginning had personally designed every workplace policy to keep the culture as hospitable as possible. Today, Shashank Pandey, the co-founder of ConveGenius shares his secrets on how he built an amazing workplace, exclusively on Office Chai.

12 Crazy Workplace Accidents That Will Make You Go Ouch

Think jobs, and the most dire situation that you’d think that could arise is a particularly bad case of the Monday blues. Not really. Workplaces are fraught with their own set of risks, and dangerous accidents are common. Some jobs are riskier for your health and safety than others, but as you’ll see, even in seemingly boring desk job in an IT company, hazards can arise out of nowhere.