The Retail Shareholding In Indian Listed Startups

The Indian startup ecosystem has been booming in recent years with the emergence of several startups that are now listed on the stock market. These startups have become popular among investors, both institutional and retail, as they offer attractive returns. Retail investors, in particular, have shown interest in tech startups.

The highest retail shareholding is in Zomato, which has 17.99 lakh retail shareholders. The lowest retail shareholding is in Delhivery, which has just 57,000 retail investors. The highest percentage retail shareholding is in CarTrade, in which 13.51% of shares are held by retail investors. In contrast, the lowest retail shareholding in a tech startup is in Delhivery, in which retail investors hold only 1.36% of all shares. These are the retail shareholdings in some of the most prominent listed Indian startups, including Zomato, Paytm, Nykaa, CarTrade, PB Fintech, EasyTrip and Delhivery.


Retail Investors: 17.99 lakh

Retail shareholding: 6.12%

Zomato had been the first Indian startup unicorn to go public, and excitement around the issue had been high. According to the company’s latest shareholding pattern, retail investors hold about 6.12% of the company’s total shares. There are 17.99 lakh retail investors who have invested in Zomato, which the highest number for any tech startup. The sum total of the retail shareholding in Zomato is valued at Rs. 3,390 crore.


Retail investors: 11.04 lakh

Retail shareholding: 6.37%

Paytm had debuted on the NSE with the biggest ever IPO in India’s history. While the script has largely failed to deliver on its early promise — it currently trades at a 70% discount to its IPO price — Paytm still boasts of 11.04 lakh retail investors, who hold 6.37% of the company’s total shares. This retail shareholding is valued at around Rs 2,126 crore.


Retail investors: 3.88 lakh

Retail shareholding: 2.59%

Online beauty store Nykaa listed on the stock markets last year, and made its founder Falguni Nayar the richest self-made woman in India. Retail investors haven’t done quite as well — the stock now trades below its IPO price. As many as 3.88 lakh retail shareholders currently own shares in Nykaa, the values of which amount to Rs. 1,208 crore. The retail shareholding of Nykaa is 2.59%.


Retail investors: 3.68 lakh

Retail shareholding: 13.51%

CarTrade is an online vehicle trading platform that is listed on the NSE. Retail investors hold about 13.51% of the company’s total shares, which is valued at around Rs 387 crore. Around 3.68 lakh retail investors currently own shares of CarTrade.


Retail investors: 1.98 lakh

Retail shareholding: 2.99%

PB Fintech, which runs Policybazaar, is a digital lending platform that is listed on the NSE. Retail investors hold about 2.99% of the company’s total shares, which amounts to Rs. 615 crore. Policybazaar, which has seen its shares fall over 60% from its IPO, currently has 1.98 lakh retail investors.

Ease My Trip

Retail investors: 1.26 lakh

Retail shareholding: 9.18%

EasyTrip operates Ease My Trip, an online travel platform that is listed on the NSE. As many as 1.26 lakh retail investors hold Ease My Trip’s shares, which amounts to about Rs. 111 crore. This retail shareholding translates to about 9.18% of the total shareholding of EasyTrip.


Retail investors: 57,000

Retail shareholding: 1.36%

Delhivery is an online logistics and delivery company that is listed on the NSE. Retail investors hold about 1.36% of the company’s total shares, which amounts to about Rs. 340 crore. Only 57,000 retail investors own shares in Delhivery, which is the lowest for any new-age tech startup.