13 Classic Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job

Let’s face it, slugging it out at a job that you’ve mentally checked out of isn’t helping anyone. Not your company, not your career and least of all, you. You are in it for the money, but maybe this job has run its course. Maybe you should be looking at greener pastures. Maybe you should move on. It’s about time.

Here are the ultimate signs it’s time to quit your job. And trust me, these are coming from someone who’s faced them, in multiple jobs.

A Talk With Drumming Teacher Mohit J Gopalani

Mohit Gopalani is someone who effortlessly transitions between his daytime job and his hobby – and both of them involve drums. During the week he works as a Brand Manager for Furtados Music, selling drums for one of the most popular drum kit brands in the country. On weekends, he runs his own musical school where he tutors people, young and old, on the art of playing drums. OfficeChai spoke to him about how he’s managed to strike a balance between these two roles, and the inspirations behind his obsession with music.

National Film Award Winning Director Abhaya Simha Talks About His Work

Abhaya Simha is one of Kannada cinema’s brightest young stars. He burst into the the limelight in 2008, when his debut movie, the critically acclaimed Gubbachchigalu, won the National Award for the best children’s film. Since then he has directed Shikari (2012) and Sakkare (2013), which starred Kannada superstar Ganesh. The 33 year old talked exclusively to OfficeChai about his life as a film director.