All you wanted to know about India’s first show about startup life – TVF Pitchers

Pitchers follows the story of Naveen and his two friends, Yogendra and Jitender, as they set about creating their own startup in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai. “They’re creating a Silicon Valley in Hiranandani now”, says one of the characters on the show, and the three protagonists find themselves smack in the middle of it. All three are jaded with their jobs, and inspiration to start off their own venture is not in short supply. Naveen’s senior from college is a laconic CEO whose company has just been valued at a billion dollars, and hoardings of successful startups (mainly scream at the three in the city.

Leaked Wall Street Email Provides Glimpses Into World Of Finance

Finance internships are known to be famously brutal, and a leaked email from Wall Street has only served to confirm this. Justin Kwan, a second year Analyst at Barclays, sent out an email to the bright-eyed young college graduates about to join the company for its internship program. Ominously titled “Welcome to the jungle”, the email lists the 10 commandments that an intern needs to follow if they wish to succeed in the cutthroat world of investment banking.

Overwork Led To The Death Of Sarvshreshth Gupta

It was 2:40 am on a warm San Francisco night. Sarvshreshth Gupta called his father, sitting thousands of miles away in New Delhi, India. “It is too much. I have not slept for two days. I have a client meeting tomorrow morning, I have to complete a presentation, my V.P. is annoyed and I am working alone in my office,” he said. His father was understandably concerned. Sarvshreshth was working as an Analyst at Goldman Sachs, and had recently been complaining about his workload.